Benefits of plantation shutters

Benefits of plantation shutters

There are so many benefits offered by plantation shutters, sometimes it can be hard to know where to start!


1. Privacy

  • The biggest benefit is the privacy they offer, while still providing plenty of light. They offer this whilst looking great.
  • When you take a set of curtains down and replace them with shutters they open your room right up. You suddenly have a window recess again and you get light reflecting from the louvres that you didn’t have before.

2. Space

  • By fitting the shutters back towards your window, you will create extra space in your room gained by the depth of the recess. Shutters add another dimension to your room providing style and privacy all in one.

3. Safety

  • Vinyl shutters are extremely child safe. They are lightweight yet tough and durable. They are also mould and bacteria resistant and are FR certified.

4. Security

  • Plantation shutters are a brilliant security feature as you only tilt the louvres to let the light in and out, the actual shutters stay shut most of the time. So from the outside you can’t tell if anyone is at home or not. With curtains for example, it’s very obvious when you see a set of curtains closed during the day that the owner could be away.
  • You can adjust the amount of privacy or security you want by opening or closing the angle of the louvre blades. They can be tilted so you can see into the room, but you still get light.

5. Style

  • A window shutter provides a classic style to your room and home. They enhance the appearance from both outside and inside your room and blend with any décor, modern or traditional. You can further tweak the style you want by changing the design or louvre blade size.

6. Cool

  • Shutters not only look cool, but they help keep your room cool in the summer and retain heat in the winter. Our vinyl shutters are hollow in construction so they are very energy efficient.

7. Value

  • Fitting shutters to your home will add value to your property and can help with a quick sale.
  • Plantation shutters have so many advantages compared to typical blinds or curtains you won’t be disappointed. The great thing with our white shutters is the lead time: you can easily try a set to see the benefits you get. With free UK delivery and fast 3 week lead times you can have a set fitted in no time!