Can you fit shutters to UPVC windows

Can you fit shutters to UPVC windows?

Yes, you can install shutters directly onto UPVC windows. Handles and air vents are already fixed into the window.

You need to check your screw length and position to ensure you’re not screwing into glass. If you want to be certain you can check with your window manufacturer.

Many blind, shutter and curtain companies install their products to UPVC. You don’t have to use a special screw, but a sharp self-tapping thread does help.

Recommended screws

We recommend the Goldscrew Plus screws from Screwfix. UPVC windows are hollow in construction, so all you’re doing is tapping into one of the layers of the window. The screws do not need to be very long, just long enough to tap into the plastic. Find more information and useful links to screws and the tools we use here.