Designing your window shutters

The design of your window shutters is very important, and it’s simple to do when you know how.

This blog post provides a brief overview of getting the design right and you can find a full detailed version if you sign to watch our design video guides.

The most import piece of advice is…

The most import piece of advice that we can give to you is to design the shutters around your window layout. Shutters stay closed most of the time and it’s only the louvre blades that are ever opened so, when you look through the shutters or louvre blades, you want the panels to line up with your window features.

So, your basic design should match your window layout; for example, if you have a two sectioned window, then select 2 or 4 shutters. If you have a 3 sectioned window, then choose 3 or 6 shutters.

Design-1-4 sections

A lot of people see a photo in a magazine or on the internet and want the same design for their windows, well this is not always possible. The shape of your window should dictate the design you choose.

Get the right advice

For advice on how to choose the best design for your windows, watch our video guide and we will show you where is best to use Full Height, Tier on Tier or Tpost designs, as well as the pros and cons of each design.

We will also provide advice on louvre blade size and what type of control you should choose.

The design of a window shutter affects how they are fitted, the appearance or style in your room and how much light or flexibility you receive.