DIY shutter video guides

DIY shutter video guides

Your guide to the perfect shutters – Our shutter experts have created a rather special guide to ensure your shutters look perfect!

Close up view of vinyl bathroom shutters

Step 1.

We don’t want to just leave you ordering any old set of shutters and louvres size; the biggest part of getting the perfect shutter starts with the design. Therefore, there is a method that your shutters should be designed, which we will inform you on how this is done in our video tutorials.

Step 2.

There is a way for shutters to look their best when fitted and several different ways they can be installed. So, we will show you 3 different fitting options and provide advice as to why you should or should’t choose each option.

Step 3.

It is important to measure in the correct place and to understand why you’re measuring in this place. Once you have decided on your fixing position, we will show you how to measure correctly. We will then provide the formula you need to convert your window sizes into actual order sizes.

Step 4.

When you know the best design of shutter for your window, where it will be fitted and you have done your accurate measuring; we will guide you through the ordering process to make sure you fully understand how to order. This will ensure that your order is 100% correct.

Step 5.

The fitting…. Now, you might think that this is the hardest bit, but, if you have designed, measured and ordered your shutters the correct way then the shutters will fit easily into your recess. Our shutter experts have put together detailed fitting instructions to demonstrate how to install your shutters just like a professional.

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