Do window shutters block out the light

Do window shutters block out the light?

The short answer is ‘yes’, but not all light as we explain further in this blog post. Window shutters are not all made the same, so it helps to know how different types operate, what the moving parts are, what gaps are actually left etc.

  1. Louvres open – The louvre blades fitted within shutter panels need to tilt so they have a small light gap around them.
  2. Shutters open – The shutters that fit in the frame need to open and close so they have a small light gap around them.
  3. Shutters bi-fold – Any bi-folding shutters also need to be hinged so have a gap between them.

Do all shutters work the same and block out the same amount of light?

No they don’t. Shutters come fitted in shutter frames and different manufactures allow different tolerances and methods of keeping the shutter closed. This all affects how light is kept out or how tight the louvre blades can close.

Duracatch systemMagnets or Duracatch?

Magnets are normally used on wooden or MDF shutters: a magnet is set into the panel and a blackout plate is used on the frame. With this method a gap is left between the frame and panel where the magnet/catch is fitted.

Duracatches used on vinyl shutters are mounted inside the side stile at the top and bottom of the panel. There is an adjustable roller ball that sits within a small groove on the frame. This allows for a tighter panel closures within its frame.

Light stripsRebates or Light strips?

Wooden shutters that are bi-folded normally have rebated edges to them to help reduce the light coming into the room. The rebate has hinges fitted within it, so there is a 2.5mm gap between shutters. Vinyl shutters have a tight fitting light strip between the panels to reduce the light. This covers the gap in the two panels where they meet providing a better light block.

The rebate also dictates which panel is opened first. With vinyl shutters the light strip can be reversed allowing you to choose which panel opens first.

Tight-slat-closureTight slat closure

Due to the modern technology used, the louvres and rail designs on vinyl shutters have a tight slat closure. The louvres can also be fully closed in the upward or downward position.




Noise & heat loss reduction

As well as light, due to the hollow constructions a vinyl shutter will also help reduce noise and heat loss in your room.

Our Opinion

In our opinion, our vinyl window shutters offer one of the tightest slat closures available so are a perfect choice for the bedroom.

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