How easy is DIY

By choosing the DIY shutter option rather than having a company travel out to complete the measuring and fitting is much easier than you might think.

Listed in this blog are some tips and an explanation of the process.

The DIY process

Let’s take a standard recess window with a double glazed window.

There are 3 parts to ordering shutters that you need to understand and get right.

  1. Choosing the right design of shutter to match your window.
  2. Understanding exactly where and how you need to measure.
  3. Installing your shutters so they look at their best.

Luckily for you, we have a video guide talking you though each of these 3 steps in more detail.

Why DIY is so simple

The shutters come pre-assembled and ready to fit in their frames, so to fit the shutters all you have to do is just assemble the 4-sided frame and screw this to your window frame or recess.

All the hinges and catches are pre-fitted, so aligning the shutters is quite straight forward. This means that the only other two parts you need to ensure to get right are the design and measuring.

The design should match your window layout, so you should let your window decide what to order. By viewing our video tutorial you will gain a full understanding of what we mean by this exactly.

The measuring is pretty straight forward too, and as long as you watch our measuring tutorial guide and have somebody to double check that your measurements are accurate then you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

Our white DIY shutters are designed to fit easily into a recessed window, there is a fitting clearance allowed between your window recess and the shutter frame, which ensures that the shutters fit perfectly into the recess and provides enough space to adjust the frame left/right and up/down.

Vinyl shutters in the lounge

Great fitting shutters

We show you exactly how to install the shutters into your recess and finish them off so that they look like they have been fitted by a true professional. You can find out how to do this by watching our free video tutorial guides so, if you haven’t already, click here to access the guides.

Please feel free to post any comments about our blog post below or e-mail us directly should you require any further assistance.