Choosing a louvre size on interior shutters

Advice choosing a louvre size on interior shutters

Choosing the best size louvre for your interior shutters will primarily be decided by your window size, shape and design.

To help you decide, we have created a video to show you the different louvre sizes fitted together on the same size window.

Popular louvre sizes

The two main louvre sizes are 64mm and 89mm; the medium 64mm providing a traditional look and the large 89mm providing a modern look.

What will provide me with the most light?

Large 89mm louvre blades will offer the most light, as they have a large surface area that reflects the light and all our customers are amazed at how much light they provide.

Will small louvres give me more privacy?

Yes and no, you can get plenty of privacy with a smaller louvre but at the same time your restricting the amount of light and view out through the shutters. With a large louvre, you can still tilt them to provide as much privacy as a smaller louvre. However, when you want to let maximum light into your home or admire a nice view through the louvre, this solution is ideal.

Will large louvres cost more?

No, there is no price difference between our louvre sizes.

My windows have leaded lights?

We recommend a large 89mm louvre with any windows that have leaded lights, keeping the design simple so as to not distract from the existing window feature.

Best size louvre with hidden tilt rods?

The large 89mm louvre looks stunning with the hidden tilt rod feature; it is available in the 64mm louvre, but as the hidden rod provides a modern look, the large modern 89mm complement this.

Watch our video for further advice, or if you have any comments or suggestions to help other customers choose the best size louvre for their interior shutters, please feel free to comment below.