Panel and frame labels

Panels and frames are labelled so you can identify them.


Shutter panels list the ‘Room Name’ and ‘Line Number’, frames list the ‘Position’ (left/right/top/bottom) and ‘Line Number’.


Frames are packed in their groups, but if the get separated you can match them together by matching up the line numbers.

Shutter Panel Label

Here is a shutter panel showing the label. You can see the line number and room name are highlighted. With multiple panels, the panel number is also listed 1- 6 from the left. (i.e Bedroom shutters, 2nd panel from the left, line 3).


Frame Label

This is a frame label, you can see the line number and position is highlighted. (i.e Top frame from Line 3).  Note: The frame labels do not have the room name listed.



  • The line number on the panels are listed before the word ‘Line’ and on the frames the line number is listed after the word ‘Line’.
  • When your shutters arrive, the labels will not be highlighted in red, they are only highlighted for the purposes of this blog post.
  • Use the labels to help align any frame extensions when gluing the mitres.
  • Remove the labels from the frames before fitting them.
  • Keep the labels on the panels until they are fitted within their frames.


Tpost can be positioned by matching the folding you choose to the hinge position. So if your folding was LTLTR, the first Tpost would have hinges fitted to the right hand side.  The hinges will be the only difference between the two Tposts.