Plantation shutters with fast delivery

Plantation shutters with fast delivery

Yes, our plantation shutters really are delivered to your door in 3-5 weeks!


British made shutters

Made in the UK, our whiteshutters come with a fast and free delivery service. Simply, place your order by Thursday and your shutters will be delivered 3-5 weeks later.

3-5 weeks, not 3 months!

No more will you have to wait for Chinese shutters to arrive on container ships 4 months later. This is how most companies supply shutters in the UK, but since all of ours are made in the UK, delivery is much faster.

UK shutters only take 3-5 weeks

We are proud to be the first specialist DIY UK supplier of Vinyl plantation shutters that can be manufactured and delivered to your door in 3-5 weeks.

Easy to order DIY

We have created a unique set of DIY ‘How To’ videos to walk you through the whole process making it extremely simple to order a set of DIY shutters. We advise on designing, measuring and installing and, together with our fast shutter delivery, ordering and fitting shutters yourself has never been easier.

3 x Faster

Did you know that its possible to order up to  times over the same 12-16 week period when comparing with a Chinese shutter? This means that you can try one window out, find out how easy it is, and order again and again up to 3 times whilst somebody else is still be waiting for their shutters to arrive!