Privacy from hidden tilt rods

Obtain more privacy from hidden tilt rods.

This is yet another great feature available from our advanced range of UK made interior shutters.

Hidden tilt rod

The hidden tilt rod provides a simple, modern look and a clean, uninterrupted view through the shutters. But, did you know there is more to a hidden tilt rod than meets the eye? Read further, or watch our video to find out how to get more privacy options from the hidden rod.

Extra privacy

The linkage on hidden rods can easily be cut to allow different sections of louvre blades to be operated independently. This is a great feature when you have a top opening fanlight on one of your windows, but don’t want a diving rail running across all of the shutters. With this extra privacy option, you can choose which shutter and where the linkage is cut to allow the louvres either side of the cut linkage to be operated independently just like using a dividing rail.

Cutting the linkage

Our video will show you exactly how to do this, but simply choose the place you want the louvres to split and use some side cutters to cut the linkage between two louvre blades. Make the cut level with the top and bottom of a louvre blade.


Don’t worry if later down the line you want to reverse this option as we can send you a replacement linkage that you can easily pop back into place.