The best shutter for a Kitchen

The best shutters for kitchens

The best type of a shutter for a kitchen is a vinyl shutter, as they are waterproof and easily cleaned. You can even upgrade to a stainless steel hinge if you want.

Vinyl will look stunning whatever room you install it in, but is really perfect for a kitchen or behind a sink.

Wipe clean

It can be cleaned like any other surface so you can easily get rid of those fatty, dusty marks left behind from cooking and splashes.

It doesn’t matter if you’re touching the shutters with messy, sticky fingers because the modern polyresin 3 vinyl can be instantly wiped clean.

Windows can be left open for airing while the louvres still provide privacy

About Vinyl shutters

Vinyl looks and works like any other shutter. They are made in the UK and can be delivered in 3 weeks. They are easily measured and installed – see exactly how easy with our free video tutorial guides.

A white shutter will enhance the design of your kitchen and give it the finishing touch and be practical at the same time.

Take a look at our video tutorials to see how quick and easy the DIY option is.