What tools do I need to install DIY shutters?

What tools do I need to install DIY shutters?

Fitting DIY shutters is very straight forward when you have the correct tools and you know what you are doing.

In this useful video blog, we’ll show you the tools that are required to install DIY shutters yourself. To watch exactly how to install shutters, please sign up to our video guide and you will be able to access our video tutorials on fitting all three designs for window fixing and side fixing.

Plastic wedges

You can use these between the frame and wall to create an equal shadow gap all around the frame. They can be removed when fixing into the window, or left in place when fixing sideways.


This will vary depending on your window type and your fixing position. If you are fixing into the window, you will just need some screws. Watch the video guide tutorial to see what length is required.

If you are side fixing into a brick wall then you will need a masonry drill bit and some 6mm raw plugs.

Screw size and screw fix links:

Drill & drill bits

You will need a cordless drill for drilling your pilot holes and then fixing your frame into place. If you are using normal cross head pozi screws then use a PZ2 bit. However, if you have a Tpost to fix into your shutter frame, then you will also need a square drive bit as the screws that we supply for the Tpost blocks have a square drive.


You will need a hammer when fixing the mitres together and for side fixing.

Hand screwdriver

Use a flat head screwdriver to adjust the duracatches. These are located in the shutter panels and allow you to loosen or tighten the panel closure within the frame.

Drill bits

Use a 10mm drill bit to go through the first layer of plastic in the frame, the white cover caps fit within this 10mm hole to cover the screw heads.
Use a long 4mm drill bit to pilot the actual screw hole, the long design helps to ensure that the chuck of the drill does not mark the side of the frame.


You may need a spirit level on large windows to help you line up the frame within your recess.


Use a two part mitre glue to stick the frame mitres together.

What fixings are supplied?

You will receive a box of fixings with your DIY shutter order, which contains the following:

  • Frame corner connectors
  • Hinge pins
  • Tpost connectors (When Tposts are ordered)
  • White cover caps