Vinyl vs MDF shutters

MDF is good but we believe vinyl is better and offers far more benefits than MDF shutters.

MDF shutters are made in China so they all have very long lead times: 8-9 weeks from ordering. As it’s not as strong as wood or vinyl any damage that occurs during transit means you have to wait a further 8-9 weeks for any replacement parts.

Vinyl shutters are more expensive than MDF, but they have a more advanced design and better features, including a much longer guarantee. (Did we mention 25 years compared to 3 offered by most companies?)

In a way these shutters are similar because they both have a plastic finish, however vinyl shutters are much stronger than MDF, even though they are hollow.


MDF can…

Large MDF shutters can sag due to their weight, so are not suitable on large doors or windows.

There is no strength to MDF so louvre blades or joints can be easily damaged or split open during transit or rough handling.

MDF shutters are heavy and as there is no grain structure, the weight of the louvre or shutter itself can mean it droops.

Vinyl can….

…be delivered in three weeks
Our white vinyl shutters are made in the UK, so they can be manufactured and delivered to you in three weeks.

…be fitted in bathrooms
Vinyl is waterproof so it can be fitted in bathrooms, kitchens or utility rooms and is easy to keep clean.

…look great in any room
Vinyl shutters have a very tight slat closure so they are perfect for the bedroom or any room in the house where you want extra privacy and good looks.


If you’re comparing costs then MDF is cheaper, so if you’re looking for a budget shutter then MDF is the perfect choice. If you’re looking for something a little bit special however, then look closely at the vinyl range and the benefits it offers.

Our verdict

Choose vinyl if you want a durable, easy to clean, versatile modern shutter suitable for any room that can be delivered in three weeks. Choose MDF for a cheap, cost effective shutter option.