What size screws do I need for UPVC windows?

What size screws do I need for UPVC windows?

This simple video blog will show you the screw length that we recommend for each frame extension when fitting shutters onto a UPVC window.

  • 0 extensions = 25mm
  • 1 extensions = 35mm
  • 2 extensions = 45mm
  • 3 extensions = 60mm
  • 4 extensions = 70mm

Recommend screws

We recommend using ‘Gold screw plus’ from screw fix, as the tips are threaded to make them ideal for self-tapping into UPVC.

Not too long

Remember when screwing into a UPVC window the screws do not need to be that long, as you are only fixing into the first layer of plastic.

Don’t over tighten

As you are screwing into plastic, make sure that you don’t over tighten the screw otherwise the thread will slip, and you won’t be able to get a good fixing. Just tighten the screw until you can feel it just biting/gripping the plastic.

Find links to the tools and screws we recommend in this blog post.