The best shutter for a bathroom

The best shutter for a bathroom

The best shutter for a bathroom has to be a vinyl shutter.

They are waterproof, simple to clean, microbial resistant and mould resistant. Bathroom shutters can also be upgraded with stainless steel hinges for the ultimate waterproof design.

Top bathroom tip

Our top tip for bathroom shutters is to use a large 89mm louvre with hidden tilt rod. This creates a clean modern look with no obstructions for cleaning. Perfect if your window is near a bath or shower and gets splashed. Panels can be easily wiped clean when the louvres are flat or tilted or if the shutter is hinged open.

Bathroom shutters are quick and easy to order. They can be delivered in three weeks and our simple DIY fitting guides explain how to install them.


They can be fixed to a window with a shadow left all round or fitted in tight and siliconed into place if you’re fitting right next to a bath.

If you have tiles halfway around your recess you will need to install the shutter frame inside the tiles. We suggest leaving two shadow gaps, a larger one above the tiles and a smaller one between the tiles and sill.


Ordering a set of shutters for your bathroom is simple. Once you have watched our design/measuring and fitting tutorials you can simply enter your order sizes directly into our online shutter builder.

If you order by Wednesday, your shutters will be delivered to you in three weeks’ time, it’s that easy.